Scholarship Portfolio

Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival

performing artist

December 3-9 2017

The Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival is an annual and international music festival highlighting contemporary and alternative music from the Middle East and North Africa. I was the first oud player, the first female oud player, and the first Gulf Arab woman featured in this event's history. During this experience, my oud broke, and this was the first time I had experienced an issue like this. Through this experience I learned a great deal in terms of professionalism, musicianship, and management. I was also privileged to meet and network with artists I have been listening to most of my young adult life. It was an incredible experience!



brooklyn oud summit

performing artist

October 25-27 2018

The Brooklyn Oud Summit is an annual event hosted and organized by local oud players. I was invited as a guest artist to perform, and was the first Gulf Arab oud player and first woman oud player to perform at this summit. I invited a tabla player from Brooklyn Raga Massive to accompany me, teaching her my compositions for the performance! This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the oud players in the East Coast, and musicians in New York who perform similar music. This was my first time visiting New York, and proved to be a great introduction to the area! Through my connections on Instagram and Twitter, I also inspired a lot of Arabs outside of this music community to attend the show. It was a beautiful experience! Pictured are the main organizers, from right to left Brian Prunka, Kane Mathis, Amal Waqar, Mavrothis Kontanis, and Adam Good. 


Dubai design district

installation performance

December 8 2016

Every year, the Dubai Design District hosts an annual "gallery exhibit" of visual arts, music, traditional crafts, performance, and fashion. The exhibit brings together a wide and diverse collection of talents from around the world, acting as a platform to unite creative minds. Due to an overlap with finals, I created footage in Boston that was projected to a 3D platform in Dubai for the exhibition. Attached below is one clip of an original composition that was projected for the "live" performance. I was able to utilize talents from my friends at Berklee, and overall this experience helped me reinforce my community in Berklee and in the Arabian Peninsula.